Pontoon set <15 ton

(Modular) pontoon set 15 tons is specifically composed for/ up to 15 tons excavator.

With the help of a (modular) pontoon set it is possible to carry out different types of work. Activities such as dredging, shoreline walling and other types of work on the water. The modular sets (4 versions) are complete with spud poles and a power pack with (wireless) remote control. The spud poles can be connected to the pontoons at any desired spot. Because the pontoon set is modular, it is easy to transport.

For more details, see the specifications.

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Set 2:
<15 ton (metric)
Platform 1:
13,80 x 6,90 m
Platform 2:
11,50 x 9,20 m
1,12 m

Price on request


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