Dredging hoses

For pumping dredged spoil, such as sand, sludge, water, etc. a pressure pipe can be used.

Flexible dredging hoses are used as a floating hose on the water, which is mounted between the pump/dredger and fixed (land) pipe. The dredging hoses are equipped with steel flanges at the end and are equipped with floaters.

We rent out flexible hoses/dredging hoses in sizes from 200 mm to 450 mm.

For easy connecting and disconnecting of the pipelines you can use a pipeline assembling pontoon equipped with a Davit crane with winch.


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External diameter (mm):
200 | 250 | 300
Total length (m):
120 | 120 | 120
Dimensions hose (m):
6-12 | 6-12 | 6-12

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