The Waterking WK 90 NG-AW is a 9-ton amphibious crane which is mainly used for sheet and timber piling, cleaning up ponds, waterways and maintaining wetlands. In circumstances where it is not possible to work from the shore or in poor load-bearing terrains such as wetlands. But also, when the water is too shallow for a dredger or silt push boat, one of our amphibious excavators is the solution. The machine is very efficient, crane mats (crawler excavator) are no longer needed. There is no chance of getting stuck in the mud. The machine is fully floating. This makes crossing waterways easy. Thanks to its powerful travel motors, the amphibious excavator is able to drive in and out of the water independently. The relatively low ground pressure ensures a minimum of terrain damage.

Specifications WK 90 NG-AW

The WK 90 NG-AW can operate in shallow waters up to a depth of 1,25 m. The additional pontoons are equipped with hydraulic spud poles. The operation is controlled from the cabin. The WK 90 NG-AW is adjustable from 3,50 m to 4,50 m and can also perform work in the narrowest position. The amphibious crane can be transported in one piece. We also offer different types of accessories: tilt bucket, riddle bucket, sorting grab, vibration block and mowing bucket.

Other available amphibious excavators:

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WK 220 NG-5 SEMI

9,0 ton (metric)
Total weight:
15,0 ton (metric)
10,00 m
400 litres
Length pontoon:
7,60 m
Height pontoon:
1,45 m
Width pontoon:
1,30 m
Min. width:
3,50 m
Max. width:
4,50 m
0,122 kg/cm²

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