Aluminium workboat

A aluminium workboat can be rented for transporting hopper barges, modular pontoons, pipelines and other floating objects over water. Also, when moving an amphibious excavator over a longer distance and deeper waterways, our workboats are easy to use.

All our aluminium workboats are equipped with a reliable 27 HP diesel outboard engine. Ideal as assistance boat and for light push/tug activities.

For the transportation of personnel or additional work within your project there are also several boats for rent. The aluminium workboat is equipped with an Auger drive and therefore suitable for shallow water.

If desired, we rent out the workboat including skipper. The skipper is in possession of an ICC certificate.

Other workboats:

Push-/ tugboat


6,50 x 2,25 x 0,55 m
415 kg
27 HP outboard engine (diesel)

Price on request

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