Our roots

The start in 1990

In 1990 Jakob Knoop (1965) founded Knoop Baggerwerken. His speciality, since the beginning, is looking for suitable and most of all creative solutions.Just think slightly different. To find solutions, you have to look beyond your own industry. Solutions that are affordable and ultimately profitable for the company. When the customer is satisfied, then I am satisfied. These are well-known statements for those who know Jakob Knoop.

From maintenance dredging to nature restoration projects

In 2001 Knoop Baggerwerken switched from maintenance dredging to nature restoration projects. Projects on terrains with a poor load-bearing subsoil. In these years the shredder dredger and the amphibious excavator the “Waterking” were developed. Knoop Baggerwerken is the specialist in contracting and performing nature restoration projects.

Waterking BV

The amphibious excavator Waterking was initially used for the company’s own work. Again Jakob Knoop continued to develop. The first built machine was sold and new machines were built. Because the machines were introduced into the market, the demand from the market started to grow.

In 2010 the desicion was made to establish Waterking BV . Manufacturer of the amphibious excavators. Built in-house in the Netherlands.  Rock solid, reliable and strong. And doing what it should be doing! Nowadays Waterking has a skilled team of passionate professionals at a global level and has grown into “Dredging Equipment Holland”. Supplier of dredging equipment, particularly for the inland dredging sector”.

Januari 2019 founding of Knoop Rental

In the meantime, Knoop Baggerwerken and Waterking have expanded their machine park to such an extent that the equipment has also been offered for rental by both companies over the past years. In order to make a clear distinction,  Knoop Rental was founded. Offering a young and high-quality fleet of equipment that is well maintained.

Thanks to our years of experience in the sector, we do not only rent out equipment, we can also provide you with advice about the best working method. In addition to amphibious and dredging equipment, we also rent out equipment for the earthmoving and agricultural sector.

Inspired and passionate

We are proud of our equipment. A diverse selection of products and machines that do what they have to do. They have to operate instead of coming to a halt. And deliver a return for the customer. With the help of good empathy, creativity and years of experience, we help you to find the best solution.

Progressive in our mission.

For us, commitment to our customers and our products are important. The ongoing development of the organisation and its products is a process that is in constant motion.Being innovative in finding the best solutions has our full attention. Everything with the goal to be a reliable partner for the customers, the supplier and the people within the organisation.

Equipped with a solid vision

By giving the right advice and by offering the most suited equipment, we want to facilitate you and your business on a high-quality level. So you can achieve the desired results for your projects.

We are ready for you and your projects

Rent at Knoop Rental

  • Equipment we use ourselves and also sell must be in good condition, so that is the stadard for the rental as well!
  • We have a modern machine park, which is very well maintained by our own mechanics.
  • Knoop Rental has knowledge of the equipment, but also about the implementation methods.
  • Service you can rely on thanks to our fast and professional handling and our short lines of communication.
  • Knoop Rental offers a complete package for the small-scale dredging sector. Rent everything at 1 address and you are ready to go!
  • We are NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2015 and VCA** (2008/5.1) certified.
  • All excavators are equipped with Panolin oil.

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